Stereotypes of high blood pressure: Overweight, red-faced, and lazy?

Well, this certainly is not you, is it?

Unfortunately, there are too many stereotypes out there about the way we are supposed to be if we suffer from high blood pressure. Do you know them? I am sure you have heard some of them.

1) We can hardly breath.

2) They just live on junk food and soda drinks.

3) They can barely move.

4) They are either couch potatoes or workoholics.

5) They have naturally a bad temper.

6) They have not done any exercise for the last ten years.

7) Their face is red and about to explode.

8) They love their beer or whiskey.

9) They don’t take proper care of themselves.

10) They usually are male and divorced. 

11) They have failed to give up smoking.

You do not see yourself among these stereotypes and still suffer from high blood pressure? The truth is THESE STEREOTYPES ARE RARELY TRUE!!!

With most of my seminar participants I was really surprised how they could have developed high blood pressure. Almost all of them led what you would consider a more or less healthy life style.

Out of my own experience I can tell you that most people suffering from hypertension are from all ages, walks of life, weight, professions.

There was the young mom, very sportive, thin, eats a lot of veggies, no organic reasons found, yet suffering from hypertension. She was very concerned about her health and refused to start with medication. That is how she entered the doors of my practice and joined my seminar. After she went through my seminar she finally found the reason for her disorder and changed her behaviour accordingly.

I had another lady, a single mom, who ran every day, was a little overweight and very upset about her high blood pressure. When she entered the practice she looked worn out, not able to smile at the rest of us. First, she was very critical about the program, but she stayed, and finally she also found out with the help of the seminar how she had developed hypertension. After that the  systolic pressure decreased slowly but surely.

Do you know how you have developed high blood pressure?

Now, what does this tell you? Yes, there is a reason why you developed chronically high blood pressure in the first place and it is time to find out! If you wish to join my step-by-step seminar subscribe!

Love thy heart!!


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Helping people to naturally deal with high blood pressure, arthritis and other chronic diseases, seminars, coaching. 15 years of experience in natural health. Copyright (c) 2011 Gingerclub
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