What pressures you?

The other day I was eating out in a restaurant. There is no secret that I am a vegetarian and thus I am always looking for great creations of God`s gifts.

Mind you, finding a good vegetarian restaurant in Germany is difficult in the first place, at least where I live. Yet, conditions are improving and I was hopeful.

On the menu was the second expensive “Brazilian veggie dish”, which I gathered in my mind to tease my tongue and let me enter veggie`s paradise.

Well, while all others got the tenth round of dead barbecued animals, I was served a starter with formerly frozen carrots and broccoli accompanied by a yellowish fat sauce. That was it. I looked at it and, being a lover of culinary highlights, tried my best to find the special side of it. Yet, I had to decide to leave it alone.

The starter was followed by some tomatoes and olives, which I am sure have seen better days. Call me picky and vane, but I know I can prepare this better at home.

When asking the waitress whether this was what they offered as the “greatest vegetarian dish” on the menu, she answered that I should not be so impatient but wait for the dessert.

About 50 minutes later the same arrived in shape of two slices of barbecued canned pineapple. I was “impressed”. Again, being the second most expensive dish on the menu and somehow noticing my taste buds rebelling, I could not help feeling my blood pressure rising. My friend was equally dissatisfied, but this is besides the point.

The point was that I noticed how my anger was starting to rise.

When I addressed the waitress again as to the quality of the dish, she told me, that I apparently had “enough” salad to justify the price. I tried to stay calm, but this attitude got my internal pressure up even further.

Then I noticed, what the situation was doing to me. It actually contributed to a very unhealthy condition of my circulatory system. When I realised this, I immediately thought whether it was worth the trouble and made a joke about it. I started to inhale slowly and relax.

I am sure the blood pressure of the waitress equally rose at that time, yet, she was totally unaware of it. I almost felt pity for her.

What I learned from this espisode is how easily one falls into the “high blood pressure trap”. We do have chronic high blood pressure for a reason which lies beyond the physiological aspects.

Have you ever thought why you have developed this dysfunction in the first place? Have you ever thought about the following questions?

– What makes my blood pressure constantly rise?

– Do I harbour emotional potential explosives?

– Am I mad about something?

– Do I have recurrent issues, which set me under pressure?

If we find out the answers to these questions, we have identified some of the sources of this disorder. We all have our individual reasons for our internal pressure. It is just a matter of being aware of them and dealing with them. We all have our individual “pressures” as we are unique human beings.

Think about it! I will tell you more in my 1 day seminar coming up on 3 July 2011 about it! Sign up now! The day is picked on purpose – you will have time for yourself and can give your heart a short holiday! It does not cost anything, it just helps you to help yourself!

Register here now and get a 1 day seminar for free:

What are your personal issues, which cause your heart to work overtime?

The end of the story: I will get a license as a restaurant tester!

Love thy heart!


About gingerclub

Helping people to naturally deal with high blood pressure, arthritis and other chronic diseases, seminars, coaching. 15 years of experience in natural health. Copyright (c) 2011 Gingerclub
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2 Responses to What pressures you?

  1. brendamarroy says:

    HI Ginger,
    Good, thought provoking post. Like you, I’m aware of what’s happening to me internally when I get angry or frustrated. I can actually feel the repercussions in my body. Unfortunately, every one is not tuned into their body and so they go from event to event and never notice how their body is reacting.
    The questions you posed are really good and it would be awesome if more people took the time to think about the questions and be honest with their answers.
    I’m reading Dr. David Hawkins book, “Power vs. Force” and he gives an example of true power. When we have high blood pressure and we take a pill that is considered treatment, we’re attempting to force the pressure down with a pill. When we take the time to look at our lifestyle, eating habits, and state of being, that is power because we’re actually on the road to changing the cause of the high blood pressure. What do you think about this?

  2. gingerclub says:

    Dear Brenda

    Thank you for your comment!
    This is exactly what I am driving at with my articles. One has to take responsibility for essential high blood pressure. Medication just artificially reduces the impact, but does not get to the roots.
    Unfortunately, most people think that by taking a pill they are all safe. Yet, the underlying causes are not adressed.
    Though it is tough and work, the only route to deal with high blood pressure is to find out its sources. Though, besides some general aspects, these are totally individual.
    In my long path as an expert on “high blood pressure”, I have noticed, that the best way is to adress many factors at the same time.
    This is why I am offering a trial “heart retreat day” on 3 July. If you wish you can register – it is for free!

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