Smile and your heart smiles back

Have you ever been to India, South America, China or African countries? These are probably the poorest regions on this planet – at least in regards to material wealth. People over there should be miserable, sad, wouldn`t you think? They have no Levis jeans, can not afford a BMW, are out of work. Yes, for sure, some are complaining or diverting to drugs.

When I went to Brazil, one of the poorest nations in the world, I was surprised by the fact that people were smiling and happy over there despite their relative obvious “poverty”. They were smiling, they were dancing entire nights through to the rhythms of Samba, their joy of life transcending trough their movements, cloths, and faces.

I was invited by a friend to her house in Jacarepagua, the rain forest close to Rio de Janeiro. She lived there with her husband, 3 kids and her mother in a one storey house. Well, if you would call it a house. It consisted mainly of the raw concrete walls. There was no necessity to clean the windows, because there were no windows. You could look right through the frames into the beauty of the rainforest, listening to the songs of the parrots, and pick a mango right from the tree. They had no money, and the vehicle used was an old VW engine with a body of different metal pieces and colours from all over the world. It broke down every 5 km, sometimes the breaks would not work. This was particularly dangerous when travelling on the windy road to Rio.

Yet, they were the most joyful people I had ever met. The poverty and all the problems seemed non-existent and the pure joy of living showed up and surrounded us. Most of the time they were joking, enjoying the music from an old radio or simply from clapping their hands and singing, dancing and laughing a lot. These people were full of energy, got never sick and were never brooding. They just wanted to be happy!

Smiling overshines every problem you have, celebrating life as such despite problems, anger, fear, enjoying what life has to offer, dancing to the rhythms of life. This in itself generates positive feelings. The sun overpowering the shadows of darkness.

I have noticed, that people from India have a beautiful smile as well, which seems to be sometimes from a different world. Just have a look at the impressions from India

Maybe it is a coincidence, that Brazil and India have the lowest rates of high blood pressure, heart attacks or coronary heart disease. They have found a way to deal with the adversities of life.

Smiling, humour and inner happiness are known factors to prevent chronic diseases and to lower blood pressure.

Watch (good) comedy shows (I personally like Bean!), read good jokes, turn on happy music (Benny Goodman, Gloria Estafan, just my own taste!) and just DANCE, and move, and get rid of all your frustrations! You can do this even in your office! You will produce enough serotonin, the hormone for happiness, to make you happy and to keep your heart healthy!

Smile and your heart smiles back, maybe even the world!

Luv thy heart!


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6 Responses to Smile and your heart smiles back

  1. brendamarroy says:

    When we can be happy “just because”, we’ve found the key to a good life. I love the saying, “We don’t stop laughing because we get old, we get old because we stop laughing.” I can’t remember who said it, but like you, I believe laughter and happiness are good medicine. The majority of people in this country base their happiness and well-being on how much they have and don’t have, instead of being grateful for every moment. Being able to look for and be aware of all of life’s little miracles in the moment is a treasure. Miracles abound and magic is afoot!!!

  2. gingerclub says:

    Thank you Brenda,

    let us get really old and have some fun on the side.

  3. avikabir says:

    This article is so true. The people of India have great resilience. There is amazing indigenous knowledge. Multiple culture co-exist.
    I feel really good being part of such a wonderful reading. Made me learn a lot..:)..

  4. gingerclub says:

    Thank you dear Avi,

    I hope one day will be able to visit your country 🙂

  5. For instance, instead of thinking “I can’t breathe. And as you continue your battle against the panic-causing irrational fears, you should give yourself a pat on the back for every achievement that you make. A good understanding of what causes a panic attack is imperative. Share your personal thoughts, but limit them to good thoughts and avoid sharing sad stories as these may worsen his panic or anxiety attack.

    • gingerclub says:

      Dear Alma,

      Thank you for leaving your comment. Yes, you are absolutely right, talking about sad stories, illnesses, frustrating situations make you own emotions even worse. It is amazing to notice just how many People are out there who seem to have nothing to talk about than their sicknesses. This creates negative energy which manifests itself even further and spreads to others.
      Instead, if you think of positive aspects, tiny Little beautiful things in your life such as a plant growing, the sun rising, takes you to a different, i.e. positive energy Level and Anger subsides.



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