Getting angry?

Getting angry?


Don`t we just all know the feeling when things are getting a little out of control? The long line-up at the supermarket after a strenuous working day, the traffic-jam just when you have to get to an urgent appointment, the paper which runs out all the time you would like to print the urgent sales figures?

Sometimes we simply cannot help but feeling our anger rising. Or can we?

Unfortunately, we are not used to notice our emotions anymore. We are raised in a society, where you have to be tough, be able to compete, to work longer hours without asking, where the strongest gets the CEO Job, the “softest” no career at all.

Yet, is this all healthy? Just because we are not aware of our feelings -and YES, anger is an emotion – it does not mean they do not exist.

In fact, anger causes more harm than you would think.

In order to understand this we have to go back in human history, where a powerful defense mechanism evolved in order to protect us.

Imagine you lived 60 Million years ago! You are out to get supper in your fur dress, collecting some berries and meat left-over for your family. While you are content since you know your loved ones are desperately awaiting you in your newly acquired cave, your mind is busy with the beauty of the surrounding and the sound of the creatures around you.

All of the sudden, you notice a huge fury creature, moving quickly towards you, ready to jump and eat you. Thanks to evolution, you have two choices:  You both jump-start and run or you face the creature and attack it!

For both options you require a quick reaction time, enhanced power in your muscles, and readily accessible energy. In order to get it, your body releases two hormones, Adrenaline and Cortisole in order to increase your blood pressure among others. Thus, urgently needed extra oxygen and nutrients are supplied to make you move!

After the situation of danger has passed, you relax happily knowing that you are safe. Your heart beat, your blood pressure, your glucose level, your high breathing frequency all calm down again. The blood levels of the so called “stress-hormones” also go down.

Unfortunately, our physical reactions have not kept up with our being in modern society. Formerly a mechanism to help us cope with immediate threats, we are exposed to all kinds of triggers which our body perceives as potentially life-threatening. Examples could be expected loss of a job, problems, a changing traffic-light, noise, etc.

We react with anger, fear, frustrations and lots of other emotions. Though we changed our time setting, our bodily reactions caused by these emotions are the same. The so-called “stress-hormones” adrenaline and cortisole are on the rise. Yet, while threatening situations in former times disappeared, constant impulses cause these hormones to keep on floating in our blood-stream.

Formerly necessary to save us from death, they now start to cause all kinds of problems such as chronic hypertension, auto-immune diseases, allergies, low immune function, osteoporosis, depression, burn-out, and damage to our liver and kidneys.

Is anger really worth it? Is there really anything worth it to ruin your health, your happiness, and your looks?


If you really would like to save yourself from the negative impact of anger there is only one way of doing it:


1)     Start to listen to your emotions again. Learn to notice when anger is on the rise!

2)     Get away from the situation which apparently starts to make you feel that way (in the washroom, if you have to). Realize, that you are about to become mad! Redirect your mind to something enjoyable – a smile of a colleague, the date in the evening, a joke you have heard or even a nice song on the radio.

3)     Get moving! In order to release your tension and the accumulation of these harmful hormones, take a walk on the wild side, i.e. around the office, do breathing exercises or start dancing where you are. It really does not matter what you do, just move!!! Who cares what people think – it is your health after all! AND BREATHE – concentrate on your breathing, the way your belly moves up and down, count for about 15 times and concentrate on it.

There is no reason in the world to get angry! Once we learn how to notice our emotions again, we made a huge leap forward. Angry is just an emotion, nothing more nothing less, but harmful!!! There is nothing real about it. It might as well be another emotion!

Try to turn a harmful emotion into a healthier one. For example, you could feel sympathy with your boss who drops all his mistakes on you. After all, one cannot expect him to be perfect. So have mercy and take it with a joke. SMILE!!!! Imagine, your boss had a growing nose while shrinking in front of you. Whatever works!!

But never let ANGER ruin your health or drive up your blood pressure.

Peace and do not let your emotions control you – ever!

Luv thy heart


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9 Responses to Getting angry?

  1. David Hughes says:


    I would like to invite you to share you blog post with our members at the HealthShare International Support Network. The only rule we have is that we do not allow advertisement of products or services to our members including signature links. If you have any questions, please contact me.

  2. brendamarroy says:

    Good post Ginger about the effects strong emotions have on us physically. Stress is a killer and leads to many illnesses. I love your suggestion about breathing, especially since you give practical advice on watching your abdomen. I notice how often when I suggest to someone who is in an emotional state to take a few deep breaths, how often their shoulders go up and down. When I first started conscious breathing as a way to heal myself and to be present, I had to train myself to breathe from my abdomen. I was used to shallow breathing because I was used to keeping life out. Deep breathing is a great tool to use when we’re stressed, and few know much about it. I’m glad you pointed it out.

  3. gingerclub says:

    Thank you Brenda! I am glad, that you have found breathing for yourself. In fact it connects our mind with our body and thus unites them. I do conscious breathing exercises at least twice a day!



  4. Leona Smith says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article. It’s not only informative, but it’s also entertaining how you wrote it. I’ve always believed that anger causes more harm than anyone expects so I’ve always made it a point to keep my emotions at bay. Great job on this article! Looking forward to reading more.

    • gingerclub says:

      Thank you dear Leona,

      It is certainly not easy to stay calm al the time but with conscious observation of one`s own thoughts and reactions and practicing meditation one leads the road to peace.

      Peace, Ginger

      • Leona Smith says:

        It’s really hard to control your anger and emotions to burst but in my case, I have to practice anger management because heart diseases caused by high cholesterol runs in my family. I’ve been warned by my doctors because both of my parents got the same complications and I will most probably deal with it when I get older. Therefore, I’ve been really taking care of my heart and my diet while I still have the time to prevent it to creep into my system.

        Thanks a lot, Ginger!

        Leona 🙂

      • gingerclub says:

        Dear Leona,

        Great you seem to be on the right path, Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging at the same time. Yes, it is possible to take controll over one’s own health.

        The trick really is to notice the mechanisms before Anger should arise. Once you feel your mouth Drops or you Keep staring frustrated at the wall, go and move your Buddy, smile, put on your dancing shoes and do whatever makes you happy again.

        Peace and joy


  5. Jesse Mz. says:

    Great information, great comments from everyone. I’ve noticed lately when I get some angry of something…My BP goes up and feel very uncomfortable, desoriente, unstable, I have to walk outside to breath fresh air for few moments. This is not good at all for my health or my body I know that..But reading this article reminds me to calm down, control my emotions, do something else , think something positive, walk out of that situation.. Special Thanks to Ginger, and everyone else on your comments.

    • gingerclub says:

      Dear Jesse,

      Thanks for your comment. I believe everybody once in a while tends to get agitated. The most important Thing is to be Aware of it, walk away from the Situation, and not to react impulsively, but rather taking Long breaths.

      Cheers, Ginger

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