The best cleaners in the world

We brush our teeth every day. We open our mouth in the morning in front of the mirror and see how clean, white or filthy and yellow they are. Do we care? Yes, I guess we do.
In 2005 the average American spent some $6693 on dental care up from merely $ 140 in 1950, inflation adjusted. A nice smile with the perfect white pearls works miracles getting us the new job, the nice boyfriend, the best connections. Smile with rotten or filthy teeth and you probably scare people off like someone having escaped the gulags. We judge by what we see and we act accordingly. We also assume a certain attitude towards hygiene and grooming by taking a look at people`s appearance.

Too bad, we can not screen people`s inside. If we had all MRI (Magnetic resonance spinning) visions, where we could see our organs,  we would probably take a different stand. Yes, nice smile, but these arteries…. They really look awful. Or nice teeth, but these guts …oh dear Lord. We would probably think how filthy this person was, never mind his or her teeth. All shiny but only on the outside.

Our arteries and other interior parts probably have never been cleaned for an entire life. Just imagine your kitchen sink, your toilet or your drainage system which keeps accumulating waste matters and debris and you would never clean it out for years. Add some calcium to it, some fat, and excessive quantities of chemicals and artificial additives to make the picture complete. I am sure this picture must be shocking. I really apologize, since you probably thought that your body was different from a sink or a toilet.

Our body is really great in balancing itself, but only if you treat it in a perfect way. This includes also cleaning. Otherwise, our digestive system, liver and kidneys are not able to eliminate all the garbage we put into our body voluntarily or unwillingly.

You can clean your guts and liver through fasting, juicing or doing an enema. Yet, how can you clean a tube system of approximately 100,000 km? Cleaning your arteries is essential to avoid heart attacks and strokes. The more clogged they are, the less blood can pass through them, and the higher the risk of a complete shut down as outlined in “The miracle of arteries”.

One of the best ways to clean arteries is by eating enzymes. Enzymes are nature`s great way to clean the world of waste matters, dead corpses, leaves, wood. Whenever something is decaying enzymes play a large role in the process next to bacteria. Our body also contains enzymes to help digest food, such a Lipase, Amylase, and others. Enzymes heal as well. Whenever you inflicted a wound on yourself, enzymes which are inherent in your sliver help the healing process. In Central America or the Carribeans plant enzymes from Papaya or Pineapple are solely used to heal wounds. Enzymes are also great to heal venous problems, such as a phlebitis. They simply speed up conversion processes, a property which we know from adding enzymes to the wine, cheese, and beer production.

All the material which is clogging the “intima”, the interior wall of your arteries, can be converted by the use of enzymes. Thereby, calcium, fat and other molecules are slowly removed and the healing process is activated.

But how do you get these great cleaners there?

Well, you eat them. All plant material, when freshly harvested contains enzymes which help to heal your arteries. The most potent ones are the enzymes contained in fruits such as Papaya and Pineapple. Kiwi, Mango, fresh herbs, they all contain a whole load of enzymes as long as they are not industrially processed to increase durability or heated. Anything heated above 30 ° C has no enzyme content. It is practically dead. Thus, the rawer you eat these plants the better for your arteries. They simply brush off all the calcium, fat, and clotted blood that hangs on to the walls of your arteries. They also make your blood thinner, thereby reducing the chance for clotting.
Eat your “cleaners”, juice them yourself or put them into a smoothie blender, whatever you like, but try to eat them alone. They are nature`s medicine and should not be side dish to your pizza.

Don`t expect any results from one or two dishes of Papaya. You have to have a fresh fruit and veggie content of about 40 – 50% for a few months to obtain results. Think about how long you have not cleaned your drainage system.

Your perfect cleaners- other than toothpaste –  are also tasty and will benefit you in more than one way. Citrus fruits by the way are actually used as natural household cleaners. Why? Because of their enzyme content.

Think how your arteries will smile at you and your heart. This is more important than having white pearls in your mouth, because it determines your risk of major health problems such as heart attack, stroke or kidney failures.

In the end you might not smile for the camera, you can smile for your health.

Luv thy heart


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3 Responses to The best cleaners in the world

  1. brendamarroy says:

    Good post Ginger. I don’t know about in your country, but here in the USA it is not easy to get clean food that actually works towards keeping the body healthy. The majority of our produce is shipped from other countries so there’s not much nutritional value left to it by time it hits the shelves. Also, a huge amount of the farm land in America has been raped by the farmer and is polluted with all manner of pesticides. Thank goodness for small, local farms which is where I buy what produce and herbs I do not grow for myself. I also shop local farms for clean grass fed beef and free range chickens and eggs. It costs more but I’d rather pay more for clean food than for trash.

  2. gingerclub says:

    Dear Brenda,

    Thank you for your comment. Though it is difficult also here in Germany to obtain non polluted herbs, veggies, and fruits there is also a way to find them. As you suggested, local farmers are great, the local health food store, or the internet. The best thing is to have your own garden to grow fresh produce, but you can also collect herbs in your nearest (non-polluted) surrounding. There are some shared garden projects developing everywhere in Germany now and I know that the same happens in the States. Particularly in New York, people start to grow their own green vitality on their patios and whereever there is some tiny space left. You will find enzymes in any green (orange, red) material which is still alive.

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