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Biogas and high blood pressure

One of the reasons why people experience chronic high blood pressure is the state of their intestines. There are more creatures living in our intestines than the cells in our body. 100 Trillion bacteria call the gut their home. This … Continue reading

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11 ways to stay free of common colds

10 ways to stay free of colds The color of the leaves are changing, the temperature drops, and we are all getting ready for our hibernation in winter time. As far as I know most of my colleagues and friends … Continue reading

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Getting angry?

Getting angry?  Hello Don`t we just all know the feeling when things are getting a little out of control? The long line-up at the supermarket after a strenuous working day, the traffic-jam just when you have to get to an … Continue reading

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The best medicine for your heart

Hello dear readers, Can you feel it, smell it, and sense it? Christmas season is approaching. The colder it is outside, the closer we get together for a cup of tea, the more we approach and cherish the warm spots … Continue reading

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15 ways to be your veggie

I guess we all know, just how good it is for our health and mind to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Though, we do know it society at large does not seem to be prepared. Neither do the taste buds … Continue reading

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The umbilical cord and hypertension

Now, there are numerous occasions which potentially drive up our blood pressure. The art is to keep it in check which is sometimes hard…. I do not know about your vacation, but for me vacations have two purposes – namely to … Continue reading

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Free radicals – avoid riots!

Free radicals – what are they and why does not anyone put them away? So many questions all being relevant, as they are a constant threat to our health and our arteries. They invade our bodies, destroy our precious cells and … Continue reading

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