Successfully fighting off monsters

 “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

The German philosopher actually did not believe in the notions of “good” and “evil”. However, he seemed to have some idea about “monsters”, of which he saw quite a bit during the end of his life himself.

Today we seem to be surrounded by monsters, the evil spirit, the lord of darkness or whatever you like to call it. They invade us via the news, through fear and anxiety, self-doubt, worries, or loneliness. 

Mostly, we are not even aware of their existence. They are just like mischievous Gremlins left without any attendance. Just for mere pleasure they fool around in your head, creating chaos and tension. These are nasty creatures, having a ball inside your head and heart like little Gremlins.

Have you ever wondered why you felt all exhausted and tired at the end of a day without any obvious reasons? Well, these monsters take so much energy out of you as they run the whole physical program in your body and thereby depleting your battery. They push your buttons, your adrenaline, your cortisol, making your arteries cramp and your heart beat harder and faster.

Monsters are rarely nice and forgiving. They take what you fed them, whether these are your interpretations of former experiences, comments of your boss or colleagues, or the news. They chew on all these nice chunks and throw them right back into your head. That is, if you let them!

The problem is, that you do not even know about what is going on, at least not consciously.

Get to know your enemy! Just take one day and really write down from early in the morning till late in the evening all the monsters, that is your negative thoughts, in your head. Be honest! Examples are:” Oh, this country is not getting anywhere!”, “I hate my job”, “What is it all good for”, “Well, I am too old for this or that”, “I am probably getting a heart attack”, “Oh, he or she is so stupid!”, “I am loosing my job!”, “If I only had more money…”, “I am not successful”. I do not want to give you ideas, just typical examples.

Guess what! These monsters materialize in your body and prompt your body to react as if it had to fight an enemy. In other words they, among others, contribute to your high blood pressure, day in, day out!

Furthermore, they actually create new monsters, whenever they can. Here is a typical monster dialogue: “No body likes me, I am old, I am fat, I am lonely…because I am fat, ugly, and nobody likes me, or why else, there must be something, ah, right… be endlessly continues” These creatures make you feel terrible, sick and finally turn their nuisance into a self fulfilling prophecy: “Ah, what the heck, I might as well go for “all you can eat”.

So, how many monsters have you come up with? 10, 20, more? Do it another day and get to know your monsters! Try to be impartial, do not dwell on them. Then take these sheets and tear them apart! You do not want to look no more at them, but get rid of them! This exercise just helps you to be aware of your subconscious negativity chaos.

The next day, again take a sheet. This time, write down all the positive things, even the tiny, bitsy ones, you have seen, heard, read, thought of, done during the day. It could be as simple as “birds were singing this morning”, ” I met a new friend on Facebook”, “I did 10 min exercise”, “I had a good dinner”, “I had great s….ushi”, “I love “The Beach Boys” or Brahms. Only the goodies, only think of the nice and fun aspects in your life! Come up with at least 5 ones every day.

If you do this for 2 weeks, you will see changes, believe me! I have done it myself and many of my seminar participants. The results were pretty amazing! Just stick to it! Of course you can add more “goodies”, but you have to enjoy writing them down at the end of the day! Read them once in a while, to let them sink into your subconsciousness. You will notice how monsters are slowly getting replaced by nice butterflies, full of spirit and colour.

We can not live in a world where everything is beautiful and perfect. Monsters have always been there, they always will be. But we do not have to pay any attention  to them or cultivate them! Like toddlers, the more you give into them, the more they will take over!

Don`t let this happen! Concentrate on the goodies in your life and the evil spirits will vanish, at least a lot of them. Sounds simple? Yes, but it is anything but, if you start working on it.

Unnecessary chaos in your heart and brain ruins your health and particularly your heart! Do not look into the abyss! Instead look into the beautiful meadow right next to it – this is where you want to be, isn`t it?

I would love to hear from you, how your personal fight went and how you feel about it! Don`t be shy to leave a comment!

Love thy heart and be courageous!


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2 Responses to Successfully fighting off monsters

  1. brendamarroy says:

    You’re so right. It’s a matter of content vs. context. I’m thinking of writing a blog about it. How we perceive life and our thoughts definitely affect our body.
    I also believe that our past traumas that were unexpressed and pushed down have lodged in our cells, making our bodies ill. Cellular memory is a huge thing to talk about and to work with.
    I loved your post. Thank you.

  2. gingerclub says:

    Yes Brenda,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. It is a very interesting topic, indeed. Unfortunately, little known or adressed. Susan Hey apparently wrote on this in relation to cancer.

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