About a bean and high blood pressure

Once upon a time there was a goat-herd somewhere in Yemen. His name was Kaldi. He had a considerable large herd of goats.

One sunny day  he travelled with his herd as usual through the deserts of Yemen. Suddenly, he observed how some of the goats were jumping and running around like crazy. Kaldi knew each of his animals by heart and this kind of behaviour was new to him.

He started to observe his flock more closely. Suddenly he saw a few goats nibbling on the bright red berries of a bush he did not know before. What animals eat must be good and he tried one of these berries himself. He was so exhilarated after its consumption that he decided to bring the berry to a holy man. This one deciding whether it was good or evil threw the berry into the fire in order to ask the holy spirits. But what happened – all of a sudden an invigorating nice scent emerged all of a sudden from the fire, people joined attracted by the smell, more berries were roasted in the fire and ground for a hot drink – thus our coffee was born.

Since then, the coffee bean has travelled the world. Until today we are still attracted to the smell of roasted coffee. It follows us everywhere we go, in the office, in the city, to social gatherings. There must be some 30 different types of coffee right now offered by the most popular US Coffee chain.

Some people can drink coffee and coffee, and coffee without noticing anything. In my best “coffee” years I had some 2 liters throughout the day. Not just a wimpy one, 10 times diluted. No, the strongest you can imagine from one of the major coffee producing countries – Brasil.

Of course I was never tired, but always active, focused, could not get enough work for all this energy I had.  In addition, I needed no food, only coffee, the smell of coffee would get me out of bed, it would brighten me up, it would make boring meetings something to look forward to. I never had any sleeping problems or any other health deficiencies. One thing has not occurred to me – that coffee was highly addictive.

One day after years of coffee I had to move to a country where the coffee was really lousy. It is not a secret which one it was. Her king announced in 1777 a ban on coffee and the national drink to be beer.

The British also tried to fend off the beer industry against the invader. In 1667 a chemist in Marseille testified that coffee was destructive and dangerous to human health. Even the Pope Clemens VIII in 1600 tried to put a ban on the “evil” drink.

On the other hand, in the US coffee was a major victory story, peaking in terms of quantity of average cups consumed. No kidding. Wherever you go even nowadays, you get a re-fill! You can drink coffee until you get knocked off your socks!

Yet, some people take it better than others. Coffee makes you awake at first, you get more focus. The way this works is very easy! The coffeine prompts your kidneys to generate more Adrenaline, the hormone which makes you alert and prepares you for “alarming situations”. The way it does it is by sending a message to your heart to increase your blood pressure. More blood is pumped to your brain, to your muscles, you feel awake, this is what you wanted.

Unfortunately, this Adrenaline boost does not last very long. Only a second cup keeps the hormone up and you feel awake again, then you need a third one. This goes on and on and on. If you would stop it, you would feel tired again. Slowly but surely you are sucked into a vicious cycle. Additionally, you have to increase the amount further and further to get the same result as your Adrenaline receptors are slowly worn out. Not only that, but also arteries and your heart start to lose their flexibility as they are permanently forced to withstand the pressure.

Coffee also ruins your stomach and renders your entire body acidic. This is what eventually limits your consumption. You simply start not feeling “so good”, at the same time being wired like your finger got stuck in a toaster.

If you suffer from chronic high blood pressure the first thing worthwhile eliminating is coffee. I know how difficult it is to get rid of the habit, you will face headache, sleepiness, and other symptoms which are really withdrawal symptoms. The effect coffee really had on you is felt when you abstained from it for a while and have one sip again. You will feel how it makes your heart pump, how you get all tense. This is how caffeine really works. If you have consumed the bean for years you do not notice the real impact anymore as you become desensitized due to the addiction.

Chances are, that you as a person suffering from a condition called hypertension are very sensitive to the impact caffeine has on your Adrenaline level. Switch to a favourite tea.  Even a weak black tea won`t push your blood pressure like coffee does.

You do not need to jump around crazy like a goat! You do not need to be all wired! It is really only the smell of a roasted bean which is tasty, not the real drink! Major coffee shops do not rely on your money!

Start taking responsibility for your high blood pressure and quit coffee! Let others who are healthy, enjoy it, but this one is not for you!

Don´t be shy to leave a comment! I would love to hear from you!

Luv thy heart


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3 Responses to About a bean and high blood pressure

  1. Brenda Marroy says:

    Awesome post. If only coffee tasted as good as it smells. I’m not a big coffee drinker, in fact I’m learning to drink Chai Tea. I love the background story you gave. Blessings to you. Brenda

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  3. Justin Bell says:

    I know that blood pressure implies the pressure of blood in vascular walls but I find this definition very narrow,
    I hope somebody can really explains what does blood pressure means taken whole body including heart into context.

    . . Correct me on the statements I am making
    below.. . Does High blood pressure means that Heart is beating
    faster and is working harder ? and does low
    blood pressure means that heart is beating slow and is working
    slow.. . Is this true ? or does abnormal blood
    pressure can also be observed under normal systolic rate if let’s say the areterial walls are too constricted or too dilated.. . Thanks for answers all..

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