Relax and enjoy

Where I live there is a little lake nearby. Each year Canadian geese, ducks, and other birds arrive in spring. They chat about their long journeys, their adventures “en route”, the terrible weather conditions and the prettiest gals around. From March on they are busy feeding themselves to become more attractive again. They huzzle and buzzle in excitement to find the perfect location for their summer homes. Lady goose and Mr. goose are eager to find the perfect match in order to start a family.

One day something curious happened. A white male duck suddenly appeared.

He could be seen from everywhere because of his outstanding colour. He seemed to be the only white duck and no other ducks could be seen. The poor chap watched all the excitement going on among the geese. Suddenly, he felt so pressured to do as they did. Unfortunately, no female duck seemed to be around. This could not bother our duck friend. Being very ambitious and drawn into the excitement of the other birds, he started to chase the goose ladies. Not any one, just a particular one, which was about double his size.

Whenever this particular maid would exit her beauty bath in the lake, he would start following his heart desire. The goose lady, however, did not take the advances seriously and kept running away. Ducky did not give in. He spread his wings, walked on his legs upright and did whatever he could to impress the goose lady. However, without any success. The only escape the goose lady finally found was the water, where the duck for some reason was not willing to follow. Instead he ran after the other geese dames in order to make himself noticed. He became more and more aggravated, dancing back and forth along the shore, pretending to be busy cleaning his feathers and starting to run after them whenever there was a chance. Yet, to no avail. Heavy frustration set in, the duck`s feathers were starting to fall out, and he looked exhausted.

Wherever he went, all the other geese became terrified by his behaviour. Poor guy. After a few hours he finally gave up. He accepted his fate that he was not what he wanted to be. Tired from all his strivings he simply sat down in the grass and enjoyed the sunshine.

He was there for another hour when suddenly another bunch of ducks arrived and came closer. They chatted and our Ducky was totally relaxed and happy. He enjoyed the tranquility and peace so much, that his happiness radiated through his personality.

Among the ducks there was a nice duck lady who instantaneously fell in love with Ducky. He did not even have to do anything in order to impress her. He simply enjoyed her presence, the way the sun reflected on her reddish feathers, the beautiful flowers around them. So, they relaxed together, easily found a perfect spot for their family, and lived happily ever after.

If we do not concentrate on the beauty in our lives and enjoy who we are and what we do, we will end up exhausted and tired as our Ducky was in his unrealistic pursuit. We all run sometimes after things we want to have so desperately but can not get. Sometimes we forgot what we are running after, we just keep on going, putting pressure on our souls and our heart, which will ultimately suffer.

If you want to heal your heart, relax and enjoy your life as much as possible. Enjoy the sun, the beauty in life, the beauty in people, life for each moment.

How and when do you sit back and enjoy life to its fullest extent?

Luv thy heart



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2 Responses to Relax and enjoy

  1. brendamarroy says:

    Wow Ginger. This was an awesome story. I think about how many people live life trying to be who they’re not, because they don’t really know who they are. It takes so much life energy to pretend so we’ll be accepted. Thank you for a great allegory to life. I hope lots of people read this story and see the message clearly.

  2. gingerclub says:

    Thank you Brenda. You are so right. Most of the time we chase after images given by the media and forget who we really are. Instead we loose contact to our true nature, to our own wishes and traits and go for some cheap replacement to drive the economy.

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