About me

I am Ellen Ginger.  My goal is to help you to learn how to get away from one of the deadliest and very common dysfunction of your times – essential high blood pressure.
I do have a reason for my mission. Though I have always been a fan of naturalistic healing, which was initiated by my grandmother at an early age, my special interest in treating high blood pressure holistically came with the first patients entering my practice of naturopathy in the beginning of 2002.
I have no idea, why I seemed to attract these patients, who did not seek my advice primarily in this matter. They just kept on entering my practice.  They just happened to tell me that they took medication against high blood pressure and wanted to know an alternative way, or they had related illnesses or symptoms which let me to the diagnosis.
During this time I have learned that many people are simply left alone with the diagnosis “essential high blood pressure” and believe they have no other options than taking medication.
Of course medication is necessary but it does not treat the roots and causes. They wanted to learn more, they wanted to get a naturopathic solution to their problem. Thus, I learned everything I could on this topic from my predecessors such as Dr. Bircher Benner, Kneipp, Paracelsus, from TCM, Ayurveda, the North American holistic approach and even the ancient Greeks. The more I dug into the topic, the more factors and solutions started to show up.
Providing my patients with my great wisdom, however, did not help much. Though they were willing to change something in their lives, it was evident how difficult it was for one person without constant support to put all the great measures into effect to reduce their high blood pressure. Again, they were left alone. For this reason, I was naturally led into the creation of a 6 week seminar, which would allow patients to slowly get to know the issue and their particular reasons and to implement not only measures from naturopathy, but also from related fields.
The seminars were great, as I really hit a nerve. People slowly found out what had happened to them to trigger this dysfunction of their circulatory system. More and more questions came up, as the first positive results became evident. Most of them were shocked about what they had been told before. For example they had no idea that coffee would drive up their blood pressure. They had been told that after a first heart attack drinking beer and wine would be fine. All they had heard in terms of recommendations was “Loose weight, stop smoking, avoid stress, and exercise”. Well, as I show in my blog most of these recommendations are either half-truths or potentially dangerous..
Another reason, why high blood pressure is such a heart felt issue for me, is because even though I had all these successful seminars running, my dad had a heart attack and was revived after having lacked more than 10 minutes of oxygen. This was a terrible time. My father was a very scientific oriented and very smart person. He believed in the advances of technology. Thus, when he had his first treatment for an insufficieny of the aorta, he naturally believed in the high tech science of medicine. He never dealt with the underlying issues, because the physicians never told him about them and the fact, that there is so much one can do. Unfortunately, my naturolistic path resembled to him obsolete knowlegde compared to high tech medicine.
I know that he could have lived much longer. Anyway, this is not to be sentimental, only to show you how people are misled and why my mission since then has become even more important as I observe the same “trap” everywhere.
This is the reason, why I write this blog. I do it to motivate you to think about the reasons why you might have developed high blood pressure, what else could be behind it, and to identify your particular causes. In my early blogs I also explain the complicated mechanism leading to high blood pressure in “Mechanics of High blood pressure” , “Miracles of Arteries“, the “Most nutritious juice on Earth” and “The rivers and creeks of our body.
I am providing this blog for free and I love doing it. All the information is for free to you. The only favour I ask you in return, is to support my project by commenting, suggesting it to other people, “like” it on Twitter or Facebook. This is the best feedback one can get when writing.
If you like to know a little more about whom you are dealing with, here is more. Besides being crazy about Naturopathy, healthy living and nature in general, I once had a solid business job as a consultant. I have travelled thoroughly, particularly in North and South America, and of course Europe, where I live. I obtained a Masters Degree from the University of Toronto in Political Philosphy and I am a critical and analytical thinker. I am a student of Yoga and try to live a life in accordance with Buddhist thinking. I paint, love Jazz, running, hiking, writing,  and California:-)
I hope you enjoy my reading.  The whole Blog is copyrighted – stealing is bad carma. Everything is purely my own work, except for the photos once in a while. There might be some awkward expressions or mistakes, which I apologize for. Though I also teach English, it is not my native language – which is not an excuse really – just to let you know.
If you do have questions which you do not wish to share on the “Comment section”  you can also write to me personally to info@naturheilkundeosnabrueck.com Yet, a lot of comments are interesting to others being in a similar situation as you as well.
Yours in healthy spirit,
Ellen Ginger
– MA Political Science
– Certified Naturopath
– Author of “Gingerclub”
– Public speaker on natural health related issues
– Lecturer and Trainer “Beat blood pressure”

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  1. Hi Ellen
    Just received your message via LearnFromNature blog. I like what you have to say and look forward to connecting with you!
    Kind regards

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