15 ways to be your veggie

I guess we all know, just how good it is for our health and mind to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Though, we do know it society at large does not seem to be prepared. Neither do the taste buds of ours which have been primed for decades now that the smell of a nice steak is just the most delicious smell around.

Particularly, the effects on our blood pressure if done correctly, and its impact in our battles  against cancer are just amazing.

I have been a vegetarian myself for 15 years with some meat interludes in between which completely disappeared for 3 years now. Now as I am heading towards raw-food and being a vegan, I have learned basically all the hurdles you might face, including going to “Babe`s” (a famous steak house in California) with a bunch of carnivores.

I wrote these 15 tipps for a dear friend and Yoga expert Anmol Mehta on http://anmol.mehta.com as an answer to his question “How to become a vegetarian”. He loved it and published my humble experiences.  For any Yogi or aspiring Yogi it is essential to have a clear mind to focus on meditation. Nutrition plays an essential part.

In my next article I will explain what exactly “vegetarianism” is and how it relates to high blood pressure or hypertension. For now, I would like to share with you the following recommendations on your road to becoming a vegetarian.

Out of my personal experience, but also with my patients there are a few keys I found crucial to become a vegetarian:

  1. Do not force yourself, it will backfire. Take it slowly all the time. Do not feel guilty if you have meat, the transition is more of a mental process.
  2. Get educated on vegetarian food. Vegetarian dishes are so much more “haute cuisine” than regular crap in restaurants.
  3. Never be satisfied with an ordinary salad or a broccoli dish. This is punishment.
  4. Savoring vegetarian dishes should be a delight.
  5. Smell different fruits, get to know fruits and vegetables which you did not know before. Buy the Ferrari among them. How about asparagus with basil and strawberries?
  6. The taste for meat only stems from the combination of heated fat and salt. If you had to eat it the way it is you would leave it alone.
  7. You can eat any traditional meal (dumplings, red cabbage, sauce) without meat. It is still tasty.
  8. Celery beats are great replacements for meat, when sliced and baked the way you would prepare meat.
  9. Do not buy meat replacement made of soy. It is an insult to taste buds and full of crap!
  10. If you have to eat meat, do not punish yourself, but visualize all the time what it is. It is not just a nice red package. It is the sum of a cruel journey of a living creature. Stress hormones, tranquilizers, antibiotics are still part of what you just take for a steak.
  11. Get involved with people to cook jointly vegetarian meals, it is fun. We do have potlucks here for raw food.
  12. Finally, here is a great site for vegetarian recipes: www.theveggietable.com.
  13. As a yogi student you will notice how your body, your joints, your concentration all benefit from fruits and veggies.
  14. There is always something vegetarian in restaurants you can eat. In good restaurants you can even ask for a special creation. I once even went to “Babes” (pure Steakhouse in the US) and had a piece of corn with another side dish, delicious!
  15. Use spices and experiment yourself. The Arabic cuisine and the Indian cuisine have lots of vegetarian dishes.

Find great recipes at http://theveggietable.com

Most of all, enjoy! Bon appetit!

I would love to hear about your experiences, your journey or questions you might have?

Luv thy heart


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Helping people to naturally deal with high blood pressure, arthritis and other chronic diseases, seminars, coaching. 15 years of experience in natural health. Copyright (c) 2011 Gingerclub
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