A positive note on negativity

We all know this feeling creeping up in us. All of the sudden it hits us and we do not know where it comes from – negativity. What do we make out of this?

The negative news in regards to Japan have highlightened this emotion once again. We struggle with the feeling of “what is it all for?”, “why am I doing this?”, “am I good enough?”.

Most of the times we are not even aware of this feeling. We just keep on going while something is lingering deep within us.

I have a good friend, and her English is very good. She has to live in a foreign country and after her husband died, she had to deal with all the administrative work in English. She was never prepared to do it in the first place. I am also an English teacher, so I can say that her English is way better than that of most students I have at the University. Yet, one day she told me, that she felt so terrible and so weak because her English was apparently not good enough. She got so obsessed by this thought, that she was not even able to pick up the phone to talk to a lawyer because she felt so negative about her language skills.

Due to the fact, that she felt that way, the words came out really badly, making no sense. She felt miserable.

This is a perfect example how our own negative thoughts influence our actions. Most of the time, we are not even aware of the negative feelings we carry around with us.

The perfect example is when you walk out of the door and a good neighbour who greeted you all the time, all of the sudden does not greet us anymore. The immediate response is negative: “Well, how come he does not like me anymore, what did I do to this guy?” We feel negative about it.

Yet, maybe your neighbour just forgot his glasses and did not recognize you? What, if he had his own problems so he was not conscious about your presence in the first place?

What we really consciously think is just an iceberg. More negative emotions are coming from our experiences, from our perceptions, and last but not least from media influencing us subconsciously! It is scientifically proven, that a lot of people were infected by negative thoughts when they watched the fall of the twin towers. Not to speak even about the catastrophe in Japan now.

Yet, negative feelings lead us to negative actions, as exemplified by my friend. Furthermore, they will trigger even more negative feelings (Oh, I did so badly).

What is the way out of this?

1) Focus on positive aspects in your life!

2) Try to prevent negativity around you (negative friends, news, thoughts).

3) Write down and sit with your negative feelings and ask where they come from.

4) Watch your feelings and find positive ways to turn them around. (Hey, my English is not the greatest, but after all it is not my native language)

5) You are better than you think! You are the greatest! As long as you do not give in into negativity!

6) What you eat and drink determines your mind! Eat light meals, exercise, find books about healthy food! Get into Yoga! It helps a lot to get in touch with your body and your thoughts.

7) Sleep enough. During sleep our unconscious mind can deal with the negative impulses of the day. If you have to sleep 10 hours, do so!

Negativity heavily contributes to high blood pressure. Learn how to cope with it and don`t let it go to your heart! Try to be positive about your negative feelings – they are just feelings, not reality!

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Luv thy heart


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2 Responses to A positive note on negativity

  1. brendamarroy says:

    Good post on a tough subject. It’s important to not get caught up in what’s happening out there. The world is filled with negativity. Another thing we can do to help us focus on the positive is to keep a gratitude journal. I write in mine every night and it reminds me of all the things that go on in my life on a daily basis that are beautiful. Keeping a gratitude journal puts life’s happenings in a different perspective.

  2. gingerclub says:

    Thank you Brenda,

    This is also a very good idea. I do it myself. It is important to realize the good aspects of our life which gets easily forgotten on a daily basis. Writing also helps to clear one`s mind and focus on important things.

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