Heart retreat day!

Our heart has to work day in, day out without getting a break. Even, when you are on vaccations, your heart will probably not get the rest, love and care it has been longing for for so long.

This is why I am offering you a 1 day special “Heart retreat day”. It will guide you through a heart healthy journey, where it can finally reap its harvest from all the hardship of the last decades.

Please try to take the 3 July off to pay special attention just to your heart and your arteries. You do not want to be disturbed during your holidays either, do you?

The best thing is, it is for free!

You will get a thorough outline of “heart holiday” instructions to give your most important organ a rest for 24 hrs. Your heart will start to enjoy its life again, getting rid of its “stress”, being treated with the most “heart loving” treats.

Register now and you will see, how your heart will love it!

Love thy heart


About gingerclub

Helping people to naturally deal with high blood pressure, arthritis and other chronic diseases, seminars, coaching. 15 years of experience in natural health. Copyright (c) 2011 Gingerclub
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