A plea for prevention

The other day I was reading about this great donation made for a family in the US who could not afford a kidney transplant for their little daughter. This is great and sad at the same time. Great because the little girl had a new chance in life, sad because juvenile Diabetes has made this transplantation necessary in the first place.

Now, I am mostly writing for people who would like to cope with their high blood pressure. It is also not my style to scare people off and make them feel awful about their health condition but rather to explain and motivate them to take action.

However, here I would like to shake you up and tell you that nobody is safe from high blood pressure and its consequences unless you know for sure that you do not have it. Kidney failure could be also one of the terrible possible consequences of chronically high blood pressure. Unfortunately, we only know about the danger when things have already deteriorated. The numbers of people, who know about their high blood pressure, has risen by 30% over the last decade. Almost every 3rd American has developed high blood pressure and this number is on the rise. Also health institutes from India and China have reported an increase in blood pressure. However, this is only the amount of people who know about this condition and can keep it under control.

Most of us will have incurred damage to our arteries and heart many years before we actually find out that we suffer from chronically high blood pressure!

The danger can not be overemphasized because

a) we do not feel hypertension

b) we are not in pain

c) we have no inner lens to take a look into our system

Even if you feel healthy your arteries might suffer already from high blood pressure or the factors leading to it!

Following factors are potentially contributing to the development of hypertension (completeness not guaranteed):

– You suffer from hyperthyreosis (check with your physician or health care provider)

– You suffer from diabetes (check with your physician or health care provider). There are plenty of programs out there to help you deal with it!

– You have hidden chronic infections (teeth, ovaries, others)

– Allergies and asthma can raise blood pressure

– Certain medications (antidepressants, hormone substitutes, weight loss medications, laxatives – read the side effects on the label!)

– Kidney problems

– Other Hormone imbalances

– Heart problems

– Liver cirrhosis

– Constant consumption of licorice!

– Smoking!

– Coffee consumption

– Alcohol consumption (not the occasional one!)

– Lack of minerals (particularly magnesium, potassium)

– High consumption of sodium

– Constant Brooding!

– Life problems

– Loss of dear ones!

– Constant fear!

– Lack of exercises, fun, friends, joy!

– Constant lack of sleep!

– Lack of antioxidants and nutrients!

If you find yourself among the list you should change or treat (get treatment!) the underlying factor and be aware of the fact that you are most probably already damaging your arteries and heart! You are not safe if your blood pressure is still okay! It takes years to develop a chronically high blood pressure, but then the damage is already evident. The workings of it are outlined here!

Prevention is the best you can do! It is in your hands to minimize the risk of being in the position as the little girl was! If you do perceive yourself as a potential target you are welcome to join this blog and find out more about what you can do to reverse the effect!

Love thy heart!



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