The secret of the most nutritious juice on Earth

Can you think of a liquid, which contains all the best nutrients in the world? Milk, beer, a smoothie? Yes, they all contain a lot of super ingredients for your health! They contain some vitamins, minerals, antioxidants….

The liquid I am talking about carries billions of molecules which deliver energy where it is needed, make you shine and smile, protect you from free radicals, target invaders and repair tissue when required. All this in one liquid! Not enough, it carries all the nutrients on a distance of more than 40,000 km, makes sure you live and squeezes in between nano spaces. Wow, isn`t this fantastic?

Wouldn`t you like to order such a Super liquid and get all these goodies?

Guess what – you do not even have to order it or even drink it! It already runs through you! This might explain why Vampires do like it so much!

Now, its for some people gruesome colour, which is really the most beautiful crimson red, stems from the cells which bind oxygen to its iron content to transport it through your body. Actually, the lighter red it is the more you should love it because it really means that your blood is saturated with oxygen. Without these cells blood would almost look like, well, water, because this is really what it basically consists of. Blood lacking oxygen looks almost blue. By way, we would not have to keep up with the colour if we were insects, but I digress…

As we all know, our “river of life” – as blood is also called – has to pass through our fantastic enormous transportation network to nourish even our pinky. The driving force being our heart. The more liquid our “juice” is and the more flexible the particles are which float in it, the easier it is for our heart to pump it through our arteries and the narrowest capillaries. This is, how we benefit from a constant stream of fresh nutrients and oxygen – ideally speaking.

Then again, what is ideal? In fact we determine, how liquid and healthy our “river of life” really is!

In order to demonstrate this, take a blender and put 1/2 l of water, melons and strawberries into it. You will have a perfectly smooth and liquid juice.

Now, take only little water, throw some ham, some coke, some calcium, candies and some pieces of lasagne into it. Blend it! What would it look like? A thick paste with huge particles floating around.

The same happens with our blood! Whatever we put into it, whatever we breath will be part of our blood “juice”. Now, take the second scenario and imagine for seccond how this floats through your body! Gross, isn`t it? But this is what we do and what happens!

Not bad enough, think about your heart! How much effort will it have to make to squeeze all this junk through your tiny little capillaries? Obviously, it has to raise the pressure to make sure that there will be any movement at all.  How many of these particles do you think might just hang on to the delicate walls of your capillaries and arteries and not move at all but slowly shut down any passage?

This is one of the reasons, why some of the most common medications against high blood pressure are so-called “blood thinners” and “statins” (cholesterol lowering drugs). They artificially thin your blood and simply dissolve all the junk in your arteries which you consumed!

Our blood gets thicker the more huge particles float in it, such as huge protein junks, fat, or undissolved components. Also, a relative lack of oxygen makes our blood thicker. The poor healthy blood cells become stiffer and stiffer and can not squeeze through their designed passages anymore. They simply get stuck! If you also do not drink enough healthy water, your blood resembles a swamp, thick drops of filthy glue snailing through your pipe system. Forget about feeling all energetic and healthy!

In conclusion it is up to you what kind of super liquid you blend in your body – just be aware that is up to you! The more green healthy vegetables you consume, the more oxygen you inhale, and the more water (please not more than 1,5 l) you drink, the healthier is your life juice. Only then can it provide all the best for your wellbeing as it is supposed to do and you will feel it, too! Furthermore, your heart will have less work to do – your BLOODPRESSURE WILL go down!

Would you like to see how thick your blood is and what floats in it? Easy! Get a blood test, find out your LDL (bad cholesterol derived from animal fat), triglycerides (fat), and hematocrit (ratio of particles per liquid) measures! Keep in mind, that drugs basically are always meant to save your life, they are not meant to get rid of the root of the problem (which you can do yourself with a little effort!!

There are many nutrients you can consume in order to improve the condition of your blood and even reverse the effects on your arteries. Sign up for my guided “Beat Blood Pressure” seminar and subscribe!

Make sure that you get your Super liquid!

Love thy heart!


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