Luv thy heart

Your heart has been working day in, day out without any rest or holiday since you were born. It has been there for you to keep you alive, to nourish you with all the oxygen, nutrients and glucose you needed without any complaints or apparent upheavals.

It has been a good friend to you in indicating to you your emotions, your love affairs, sorrows, and grief.

We are rarely aware of the tremendous performance of our closest ally unless it is in serious trouble. Just to give you an idea:

In order to allow us to live, this delicate muscle contracts and expands about 40 – 60 times per minute rushing 7 l of our precious liquid to all of our 70 trillion cells. This translates into 7.5 tons of liquid a day or the equivalent of the weight of a 7.5 tons truck.

No engine despite all our modern technology has been built so far which gets close to the capacity of this precious organ.

Every car gets checked once a year, parts replaced, maintained and worshipped. We do care about rust, appearance and whether its engine gets the most expensive fuel to ensure its best function.

Our heart has most probably never experienced a similar treatment or even consideration.

More than a pump

Contrary to the common perception that our heart is simply a pump, it is a very smart, sensitive creation which manages to adjust to all our daily internal and external demands.

All our emotions and perceptions affect this wonderful creation mostly subconsciously. The significance of it becomes apparent in expressions such as “heart felt”, “it comes from our heart”, “it goes to your heart”, and many more. It is for a reason that the heart symbolizes one of our most powerful emotions – love!

Whenever we feel joy, our heart reacts with joy. Whenever we are in pain, our heart reacts with pain. Have you ever really felt grief over a lost one or experienced love sickness? Then you know what I am talking about. The pain really penetrates our heart.

Luckily, these emotions pass eventually and our heart is able to recover. Yet, if we expose ourselves to prolonged and repetitive negative emotions such as sorrow, fear, greed, or anger our heart will suffer in the long-run.

Thus, we have to pay attention to what we think, how we feel about things, what we let go to our hearts. The more positive vibes our heart gets the healthier it is or becomes again.

It just knows what you need without asking. Now, who else does this in your life? What do you give to our heart in return?

As we do as humans, our heart needs attention, the best nutrition it can get, fresh air, love, and a break from its daily demands.

Now it is time to say thank you and treat it the best we can!

The “Heart retreat day” is a day, on which you will ensure that your heart gets the best care possible. It is not a training program and not geared towards reducing “high blood pressure” as this is way more complex and beyond the realms of what you can do in a day. On this day we will just provide an “All inclusive holiday” for your heart which starts already with the preparation.

Register now! It is for free!

Yours with heart


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