10 counts for freedom

20 minutes late for a CEO meeting? You are the main person presenting? The whole budget depends on your presentation? They are all waiting for YOU? Scary!

We all know similar situations. The palms of our hands start sweating, our eye balls are about to pop out, thousands of  thoughts running through our head – well, more fragments of words like “oh my God, oh no, please don`t” –  our heart starts bounding, we are about to faint?  Surely, your heart beats faster and your blood pressure goes up. In fact you become a prisoner of your body`s reaction- free yourself!

For our nervous system this situation constitutes a life threatening condition –  it might be threatening – but only threatening your job, not your life after all. Our entire so-called Sympaticus, the action part of our nervous system, is in a terrible state of alert!

In these situations you should be aware of your breath. Are you still breathing at all? Are you holding your breath? Most probably you are just panting, like a rabbit in flight.

Take it easy and relax! This whole reaction of your body is way too exaggerated and definitely unhealthy considering the circumstances, especially if you suffer already from high blood pressure. You are not facing a terrorist with a machine gun to whom you had to react fast enough to save your life. Here, your enemy is merely your boss, who thinks he can give you shit, there is a huge difference, don´t you think? Though your body does not understand the difference because he lags some 4 million years behind, your mind should be smarter and take control.

It is potentially threatening your heart and your arteries, as we have learned, if you easily react to situations like these more often than once. If you don`t know this you should read Miracle of arteries.

A way to handle this situation in a better way is to just be aware of your breath. I know it sounds easier than done, but hey, your meeting is ruined anyhow, isn`t it? So you might just as well refresh yourself in the bathroom and concentrate on your breath:

Close your eyes and breath deeply through your nose, imagining all peace and calmness passing through your body with each breath taken. Slowly exhale. Each In- and Exhale is one count. Try to count until 10, then again until 10, count again until your breath becomes quieter. You will notice, that you become calmer and calmer. Most importantly, your blood pressure will go down. Do this every time you get into pressuring situations! The more you practice the easier it gets!

You are not to be eaten or killed, so tell your body to take it easy and get your blood pressure down! – catch your breath and extend it! It is a proven fact, that your arteries will start to relax, and your blood pressure will go down! Trust it!

After all, your brain gets enough oxygen supply to think logically again and you can enter the situation with a cool comment “Hey, I just got the latest developments of our sales figures – they have really improved – thank God, I still got this message right in”. No comment at hand, so what – what is the worst which can happen? Anything is better than a heart attack! 10 counts of your breath may free you from this plight!

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Love thy heart


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