Check – Understand – Change!

Congratulations! You have decided to take action against the underlying causes of your blood pressure or to prevent it altogether!

There are a lot of things you can do after you have fully understood the mechanisms of it . Yet, you have to be a little patient with me or rather my catching up with writing. I have so many ideas, which run faster than long hours of writing are able to put into words. Most of my time and devotion goes to my blog writing now – in order to help you!

However, it does not serve you if you read about all the details about blood pressure, while it keeps on rising and rising.

So, here is my first advice of action to you, well actually, it is my second:


You can only deal with your high blood pressure, if you understand your personal specific underlying causes!

We can only understand and do something about it, when we know what we are in for.

How do we check it? – We measure it!

Now you will probably tell me, and I have heard it before: “oh no, if I measure my blood pressure I am getting so nervous, that it certainly will drive it up even further”.

No reason to get nervous! Never be scared of your blood pressure! It is only a measurement of figures, not a threat! Again, this is the only way to understand it and to controll it!

This is how you do it right:

1) Get a sheet, where you indicate the day and two spaces for the time of measurement (morning and evening).

2) For each time put a space for the upper value or the lower value or simply write it like this: 125/80 (125 is your systolic pressure, 80 your diastolic in this case, more at “Intro into mechanics”

3) Leave a space below it to write down any especial events, emotions, etc.

4) Get a very good blood pressure measurement device, if you can, a manual one. If you have a digital one, check it with your local pharmacy regularly to make sure it works properly. Don’t get a cheap one, rather invest in a high quality one!

5) Start measuring every day and write down the values every day!

6) Blood pressure should be measured approximately at the height of your heart. Thus, devices which you wrap around your wrist are not as accurate as the ones you wrap around your biceps. To measure it, lie down or sit down and put your left arm approximately to the level of your heart. Your left arm should be straight!

7) Measure your blood pressure in the morning and in the evening.


1) The best time to measure the values in the morning is when you are still in bed, before you had a shower, breakfast, your medication, or any coffee. This will reflect your blood pressure while resting, to give you an accurate figure.

2) Always try to measure at the same time to have a better ground for comparison.

3) Also, late afternoon – evening, preferably when you are relaxed, without a large dinner in your tummy, shortly before you go to bed, measure the second value (again, preferably at the same time). Don’t worry, if you can not keep the time, just write the time down!

4) Don’t make a big fuzz about your measuring, just do it as you would brush your teeth!

5) If you had to do some physical activity, such as running, exercise, taking the staircase, you should wait for a while before measuring.

6) Do you know how a chart for your investments looks like? Well, this is what you could do for your blood pressure as well. Just convert the values into dots over a time line and draw a line from one dot to the next. This mostly for the upper value in the morning and in the evening. In my seminar you will automatically get a table like that!

7) Do not worry when values are fluctuating. If you have values above 180 mmHG with or without medication, however, you should definitely see a doctor! Still, try to stay cool!

8) With the comments, try to understand what is going on when values are up (and down!)

9) If you record a value which is extremely high, wait a minute and measure again to make sure it is correct. Do not freak out!

Keep on doing it! This is really the best way to get to know yourself in regards to your high blood pressure behaviour! Do it every day! You brush your teeth every day, don”t you?

Love thy heart!


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Helping people to naturally deal with high blood pressure, arthritis and other chronic diseases, seminars, coaching. 15 years of experience in natural health. Copyright (c) 2011 Gingerclub
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