Do you have the guts?

It is our gutt feeling, we do have the guts to do something. These expressions symbolize the importance of our important organ.

Yet, we are rarely conscious about our intestines. They just inhabit the center of our body, but attract little attention. Nevertheless, they play an important role for our psyche, our immune system, and last not but least for our blood pressure.

More than 100 billion bacteria inhabit our large intestine on an area which is as large as a soccer field when unfolded. These bacteria should not be our enemies if treated correctly. If so, they constitute a protective layer where no harmful microbes can pass and enter our bloodstream. They are the police of our intestines and decide what enters our body and what not. Furthermore, they help generate Vitamin D and B 12 and activate specific antibodies in case of illness.

A healthy bacteria ground is made up of a specific amount of e-coli bacteria, bifido- and lactobacillus and many more.

They love fibres, legumes, well chewed food, early breaks around 4 pm, fruits, dried plums, real yoghurt and sauerkraut for their health and growth. What we feed them with is anything but healthy.  Sugar, white flour, sweeteners, meat, eggs, large amounts of food, antibiotics, late evening snacks are the favourite conditions of fungi, particularly candida albicans, harmful Staphylococcus and an imbalance of the other. Fermentation processes start generating alcohol derivatives and sulfuric acid which enter our blood stream. More and more of our police is wiped out and replaced by harmful terrorists.

When this process continues, food can not be properly processed, harmful toxins combined with alcohol turn your guts into a massive biogas power plant of some 50 kwP and more. Sure you could be of ecological use at this point, but at the expense of your own health. All the gases produced and the undigested food take up more and more space in your intestines. As they are located right underneath your heart, this air pressure is exerted on your heart, thereby forcing it to increase its pressure. Thus, your blood pressure will rise.

Furthermore, the toxins which permanently enter your bloodstream now cause your nervous system to react to this alarming situation and initiate via Adrenalin your blood pressure to rise even further.

A lot of heart diseases have been misread. Their underlying cause was in fact the expansion and bloating of the large intestine, not the heart itself. Instead of curing the underlying problem, heart medication was given and surgery was recommended.

Besides hypertension, a sick large intestine can lead to all sorts of sicknesses from arthritis to auto-immune diseases to depression and others. This is not really surprising, if you think about it. Over and over again, large amounts of toxins are permanently released into the bloodstream.

What you can do:

Get a thorough analysis of the content of your guts. Sounds disgusting? Well, the content is, not the examination. You have no way of telling what you carry around with you. Specialized laboratories will provide you with an analysis.

1) Stop eating after around 4 pm.

2) Eat lots of fibre, veggies, fruits (no fruits in the afternoon).

3) Drink 2 liters of water throughout the day.

4) Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

5) Do not use laxatives, they will shut down your intestines in the long run.

6) Do not sit for more than 2 hrs straight as you are blocking the blood flow in your intestines.

7) Get professional help by a holistic practitioner or health care provider.

8) Do not consume any sugar or sugar beverages!

9) Do not consume any white flour!

10) Get a good probiotic supplement from your healthfood store.

You will see, how your intestines will heal over time. This again will have an impact on your blood pressure. Your heart can freely do its work again.

Have the gutt to change your gutt!

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Luv thy heart


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2 Responses to Do you have the guts?

  1. brendamarroy says:

    Hi Ginger,
    I subscribe to most of your suggestions because I firmly believe in maintaining a good and healthy diet. I also believe in getting up from my chair every hour and doing stretches. Thanks for a good reminder of how to stay as healthy as possible.

  2. Ginger, thank you so much for this post! To look at me you might think I am the picture of health but the truth is I have been battling a mysterious illness for a couple of years now. The first thing the doctors did was to treat my high blood pressure with meds instead of trying to figure out why I had it in the first place. It took a year for someone to think about testing my B12 and D levels which ended up being dangerously low. Again, treat the condition and ignore the cause. I’m going back to the doctor to discuss the points you raise here. Thanks again! I subscribed!

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