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You probably went to your doc and he told you that you suffered from high blood pressure or hypertension? He gave you some medication to lower it and you learned that high blood pressure is defined as a pressure above 140/90 mmHG? He/she probably told you that it was the leading cause for heart attacks and strokes and medication will take care of it? So, you have the full picture and understand what is going on, right? RIGHT? Maybe not? Maybe you feel a little left alone, not really convinced what is so bad about your body all of the sudden, something which you do not even feel and have not noticed at all?

I guess what has lead you to this page is the fact that you know about the dangers of high blood pressure. You know that untreated it may lead to heart attacks, strokes of the brain, kidney failure, or raptures of one of your main arteries. This blog, however, is not intended to scare you, but to help you understand in plain English what High blood pressure is all about, its many facets and factors influencing it …and there are more than you can guess.

I would like to show you how you can in fact influence these factors, at least some!

You probably know already that you should exercise, eat healthy food and try to relax?. Why then a whole blog attributed to this topic? Well, because it isn’t just as simple as it seems to be.

1) High blood pressure can have many causes as we are different individuals.

2) In order to overcome hypertension naturally, you have to know your individual causes for developing it in the first place. Nobody just sent it to you!

3) The terms “healthy”, “exercise”, and “stress” are far too general when dealing with such a potentially life threatening condition such as ”high blood pressure” also known as hypertension. Not all healthy food is healthy for people suffering from high blood pressure. Equally, not all recommendations on exercise apply when you are dealing with hypertension, some of them can be even hazardous to your health.

This blog is meant to help you understand your condition and inform you what YOU can do to slowly reduce or prevent hypertension. It is not intended to scare you and tell you once again about the dangers of high blood pressure.

Please note that this blog ONLY deals with primary or essential hypertension. This means that there is no “obvious” underlying cause. It is mostly linked to behaviour and to a small extend to genetic disposition (which does not mean you have to develop it!) Please make sure, that you do not suffer from secondary hypertension. This means your hypertension is a result of an underlying illness or failure of an organ. Please check at Factors contributing to hypertension.

I have more than 15 years experience with hypertension as a certified naturopath and I saw amazing roots of the problem, changes and results!  I am grateful for this amazing learning process, which continues every day.

During this time, I found that a step-by-step guidance in my practice advancing in all kinds of aspects related to high blood pressure has helped most people more than any medication including natural ones. This is why I designed my own “Beat High Blood Pressure” Seminar many years ago. Since then hundreds of  people having suffered from high blood pressure have learned a very effective way to overcome this condition naturally, slowly but surely.

I would like to share these experiences and my knowledge with you and make this program available to you online. Of course, one can not expect miracles when the condition has lasted for the last 25 years. However, I am convinced that anyone can improve the health of his or her heart and circulation system when understanding the underlying causes and how they can be dealt with.

A word of caution: Please never, ever reduce your medication your doc gave to you without consulting with him or her! Also, never, ever skip any med or even take them only when you think you need them! They should be always taken as indicated!! You have to do your part, then you can reconsult with your physician!

On the other hand, just relying on medication against hypertension can be a serious gamble, as they only suppress a condition in order to avoid lethal consequences! They do not treat the underlying causes.

I am planning to provide you with as much material as you can chew.  If you do have further questions or suggestions, please let me know how I can help you even further. However, I can only provide general answers, as I do not know you and your medical history.

I am happy to answer your questions and hope you find these pages informative and inspiring!

Don`t be shy to leave a comment!

Love thy heart!


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  1. Dear Ellen
    Really appreciate your positive comments to my recent blog. Yes, indeed the arts have a potentially huge role to play in raising awareness of environmental issues.

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