The best medicine for your heart

Hello dear readers,

Can you feel it, smell it, and sense it?

Christmas season is approaching. The colder it is outside, the closer we get together for a cup of tea, the more we approach and cherish the warm spots of light.

(Christmas market in Erfurt, German by

We open our hearts, we feel joy and are willing to share the lovely smell of home-made cookies.

Yet, for some of us it is the season of hurry, of extra work and deadlines, of rush-hours and accidents, of consumerism, plastic decoration and stress.

Don`t rush, don`t be blinded by all the fancy, colourful plastic items you can buy for Christmas. Breath deeply and think of everything we can be thankful for – our health, the smile of a person, the touch of a child`s hand, the thought of giving something to your friends and family – the most precious gift there is – love.

Our heart is also the symbol of our emotions. If we miss out on caring for our heart and our emotions, our well-being, our joy, our happiness, our heart as an organ will suffer as well.

Being thankful and giving love are the true medications for your heart, spiritually and physically. There is no overdose here! The more you get, the healthier your heart gets!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love thy heart


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