Lullaby for a Sweet Heart

Once upon a time in a far off land there was a beautiful princess who evaded death by the option of sleeping for years until a prince would come and break the spell. All the soldiers and servants would fall into the same sleep so the princess would not be faced with solitude when waking up. Only the trees and bushes grew taller and taller as the years went by before the prince finally emerged.

We all know the story of “Sleeping beauty”, but what do we learn from this fairy tale?

First, sleep must conserve beauty. Otherwise the princess would not have had a chance with the prince with wrinkles on her face. This is no secret. Sleeping 8 – 10 hours is the best source of beauty you can get.

Second, sleep must be a remedy against aging. The prince in the story was apparently not blind. I guess he took a close look before deciding to kiss a corpse. The princess` hair was not white but still black and her skin still without visible veins or other signs of aging. Besides, though we can not be sure, we simply assume that she still looked very attractive and her limbs were not stiff. How else could she get off the bed?  Yet, we do not really know. Maybe the prince was just desperate.

Finally, the princess had no signs of illnesses. Her metabolism seemed to be intact and she seemed in a good spirit. She even had a big heart for the prince and agreed to marry him instantaneously. All this from so much sleep.

What the princess did not know was that her heart also tremendously gained from this enormous dreamland experience in her life. Her heart, like yours, although hers was still younger, had to work day in, day out to pass 7 l of blood per minute through her body. Every minute, every day, that is 100,000 times a day without getting any rest or maintenance. This is more horsepower than any car engine of today has. Yet, we do repair our cars once in a while and give it a special treatment.

How often do you do this to your heart?

Sleep is the only time, when the princess´and your heart is able to relax and to reduce its work pressure and speed. Furthermore, this is the only time when repair mechanisms are coming into effect. The more you treat it right and the longer your healthy sleep persists, the healthier your heart will be. The blood pressure while sleeping can go down to 110 to 75 due to the horizontal position of your body, the deep breathing, and the “save-modus” you are in during sleep.

Sleeping beauty obviously had no beer before sleep, no alcohol, no heavy meal nor television. Ah, these were still the good old times – sigh! She just fell into the sleep to recover and preserve her life and beauty for the prince.

Maybe your prince/princess has already kissed you. However, you never know what will happen in the future. In any case, it is always good to be prepared – extend your sleep to 8 – 10 hours for the sake of your sweet heart! The best time to get the healthiest and recovering sleep is between 8 pm and 6 am. Maybe longer?

Sleep well! Your beauty and your heart will love you for it!

Love thy heart!


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    Thanks for the great information.

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