The umbilical cord and hypertension

Now, there are numerous occasions which potentially drive up our blood pressure. The art is to keep it in check which is sometimes hard….

I do not know about your vacation, but for me vacations have two purposes – namely to recharge AND to do what I like, including seeing the beauty of nature and learning something cultural. I am not the type of person who loves to lie at the beach and gets roasted by the sun. I also like to do some leisurely work such as writing this blog when being on holidays. This is why I brought my laptop with me to Montreal, Canada last month.

Now my target is not exactly Montreal but rather a 1 hour ride all the way up North to a small town called Morin-Heights, a beautiful old-style Quebec village. After not having been to Quebec for about 15 years, I am pleased to see that my “French” is well accepted. Quebec is really worthwhile visiting, for the beauty of the country and its famous festivals in Montreal in summer.

As a lover of nature my destination is a small cottage placed right in the woods of the Laurentians, the mountain range which is a delight to see in Indian summer with its full coloured dress on.

The beauty of one of Canada`s trillion lakes in front of me with its peaceful mirror of the blue sky and the changing colours of the leaves, is the perfect spot for inspiration and good writing.

Eternal bliss 

All secluded with the Canadian geese, the songs of a wolf, and the early wake-up calls by a loony, no noise of trucks, road or TV can deter my happiness to be out in the bliss of wild romanticism, except for one thing…



I am not kidding, not access whatsoever! After the last 15 years the old lines can no longer keep up with the high-speed lines and hence no chance to even start the explorer.

Now, if you are like me, you have grown up and learned, that your PC is your better brain and your life-line, your umbilical cord so to speak, which connects you to the world.

This is exactly how I felt, disconnected, lost. I started noticing my blood pressure rising and felt all the symptoms of withdrawal. Not really, but my companion told me that I behaved really in a panicky way.

Could it be that we already have gotten to the point where we can not live anymore without digits and bytes? Mind you, I do not care too much about the latest I-phone development, I have a 10-year-old cellular, which I rarely use, but no internet?

As I know from my own high blood pressure seminars, a good strategy and technique is vital to avoid the rise of Adrenaline.

Thus, I go for a swim, enjoy the crisp, beautiful air on many hikes and finally I totally start to embrace the calmness and serenity of this place. What a freedom and tranquility…

A few days later I detect in the town of St Sauveur about 15 km drive an internet cafe, which offers free internet access if you order a coffee – well, I had tea of course. With a few others apparently equally addicted creatures on this planet we patiently wait until the “Net est reallumé” (literally re-ignited) as also there no line seems to be secure. 

Thank God for one hour of connection to see whether the world still exists out there…plus many teas and lots of nice conversations in French, eh Québécois.

No matter what you do, never let any situation drive up your blood pressure!

If you would like to learn the techniques which I applied in this situation, you can check out my Online Training course “Beat blood pressure” in a while, which is still in progress. If you would like to know what it is all about in advance, drop me a line!

Luv thy heart and luv to hear from you! What experiences do you have? What drives your blood pressure up?


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2 Responses to The umbilical cord and hypertension

  1. brendamarroy says:

    Hi Ellen,
    Where you were staying sounds beautiful beyond belief. My kind of place. I love the woods, quiet, calm, serenity, and solitude. Where did you stay? Was this your place or did you rent it?

    I appreciate you for reminding us how easy it is to act in ways that makes our blood pressure rise. I’m happy to report that I’m taking our move very calmly and I’m actually enjoying it. I’m taking my time and going with the flow. Getting everything in order in our new house will more than likely be a work in progress for months, but I notice I’m okay with that.

    Thanks for a good post.

  2. Judith says:

    Your post took me back so many years to when we lived in Montreal. Thanks for the memories.

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