Don´t be fooled

I am glad that there are organisations out there who deal with heart issues. No wonder, since the rate of cardiac arrests is constantly on the rise. I am happy to see, that they encourage  self-help guidelines. These entail a balanced, trans-fat free diet with lots of tasty recipes. They also encourage you to do sports, go running and walking. The third element is to avoid stress.

These are all wonderful recommendations. However, they are geared towards people who want to be healthy and prevent heart diseases.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, something in your circulatory system has already gone wrong. The official recommendations are not enough for you. They won`t help you to address the underlying causes and revert the process.

There is a whole array of nutritional aspects, emotional roots, thoughts, holistic health treatments, behavioural patterns, subconscious reactions, habits which you have to take into consideration to actually treat essential high blood pressure successfully.

If you have followed my blog so far, you have learned the following:

– Coffee drives your adrenalin and thus your blood pressure – leave it to others! Read “About a bean and high blood pressure”

– Salt is not all bad for you. Take very small amounts of complex minerals! Read “A grain of salt – a grain of truth”!

– We have learned that only the right type and the correct execution of exercises are really addressing the issue and that some can be really dangerous “10 lies and 10 truths about…”

– Enzymes, as contained in pineapple and papaya are natural cleaners of our arteries. All fresh fruits and vegetables contain enzymes to a lesser degree – “The best cleaners in the world”

– We also learned about the impact of our breathing on our blood pressure in “10 counts for freedom”.

Furthermore, we have seen, how our blood pressure is influenced by emotional factors, not only by external pressure.

I hope this has helped to gain a better understanding of the underlying causes and mechanics for hypertension. Maybe you were able to see how some of it applies to your personal journey?

In the following articles you will learn more and more about a variety of factors. However, it is one thing to learn about them, another to implement measures in your daily routine which will work on your hypertension.

Don`t be fooled, there is no easy way out of your condition!

This is why I am offering an Online Training Guide for 6 weeks, starting on July 10.

Stay tuned!

Luv thy heart



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